Dried Paprika pieces and Powders

Utilizing high temperature steam sterilization in our production line, our dried chili peppers and powders undergo rigorous quality control inspection at our in-house laboratory. We conduct physical, chemical, and microbiological detection analysis of our product, measuring aflatoxin, ochratoxin A, moisture, SHU Value, ASTA Value, Water Activity, and other technical data for each lot.

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paprika powder asta 60

Paprika Powder Asta 60

paprika powder asta 100

Paprika Powder Asta 100

paprika powder asta 160

Paprika Powder Asta 160

tianying chili powder

Tianying Chili Powder

dried chili 2

Dried Chili

yidu chili

Yidu Chili

paprika seeds

Paprika Seeds

dried paprika pieces of genre capsicum

Dried Paprika Pieces 

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With an annual export of more than 10,000 MT, we export products to most markets of the world including Europe, North America, Asia and other regions.


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Quality Control and Monitoring

Our products are selected from our own fields through carefully tracked exercise records. From selected plant seeds to fertilizer and pesticides all are strictly controlled and recorded by our Agricultural Laboratory department.

To meet the EU regulation and other countries’ requirements, each lot product proceeds with inspection of pesticides residue and Yeasts, Moulds, OchratoxinA, Aflatoxin, Coliforms, E.coli, and Salmonella to ensure the supply best products to our clients.

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