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Steam Sterilization Paprika Powder Sweet

This product is made from  Paprika pods through selecting,  sun drying,  air washing,  grounding, and steam sterilization. It meets state laws about food and paprika. There is no aluminum phosphide fumigation, ETO, GMO, additive or impurity. The usage of pesticides is under control and meets state laws.

Appearance and Flavor

This product is dark red, typical paprika flavor and armor.

Additional information

Particle Size

30 Mesh, 60 Mesh, 80 Mesh

Color Value

100 ASTA, 120 ASTA, 160 ASTA, 180 ASTA, 60 ASTA, 80 ASTA


≤ 500SHU


≤ 11%

Total Ash

≤ 10%

Acid Insoluble Ash in 10% HCL

≤ 1.5%

Sudan Red, Para Red

Not detected


Not detected

Salmonella 25g

Not detected


In P.E Bags of 20,25 kg/bag


Do you believe eating paprika powder can improve your health?

  1. Ensure a good source of nutrition
  2. Helps you lose weight
  3. Cut down your unwanted cholesterol
  4. Control blood sugar level
  5. Keep your eyesight fine
  6. Helps to stay cancer-free
  7. Decrease inflammation and pain
  8. Makes your blood more healthy

Product Details:


  • Sorting
  • Remove other impuritie
  • Dry Cleaning,
  • Grinding
  • Demagnetizing
  • High-Temperature Steam Sterilization
  • Kraft Paper Packing
  • Metal Detector
  • Store in Finished Product Warehouse
  • Delivery

Compared with Scoville heat units (SHU), Chili powder SHU range from 20000 to 50000 SHU. In the contrast, Paprika powder is 250 -1000 SHU. Therefore, paprika powder tastes sweeter than chili powder.

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